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Osaka Midoribashi: Grand and very spacious



Come on UP Midoribashi

[Share house atmosphere]

This share house was hand built with the residents of Osaka and  a traditional architect from Osaka. From the sliding door at the entrance to the Japanese style roof, you can see the dedication the volunteers had when building and renovating the house.


The rooms vary from Japanese to western style.

We hope that a variety of people will come together from all over the world.

Today’s residents are from Japan, America, Germany and Rwanda. They are enjoying their lives in Japan. They are in their twenties and thirties and all working professionals.




The nearest subway station (Midoribashi)  is a 1-minute walk away.

There are also  good restaurants in the neighborhood, and the Midoribashi is a place you  will want to recommend to your friends.

If you are going out to hang out, you can reach Namba, Tennoji and Shinsaibashi in 15 minutes.

Please let us know if you are interested.




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◎Midoribashi Renovation Unveiling


◎ Christmas Party


◎ House Meeting


Fully loaded kitchen with a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, and a ricecooker. There is a flat screen cable TV, wireless internet, washing machine, and a classical Japanese bath


from nearest station
1 minute walk to Midoribashi Station (Chuo line/Imazatosuji line)
from main station
Tanimachi 6 chome: 8 minutes, Shinsaibashi: 13 minutes, Namba 15 minutes
surrounding area
1 min walk to a Supermarket (Konomiya), 2 min to a convenience store (Lawson & Sunkus), 5 min to the shopping area


Room NoRoom TypeSpecial FeaturesRoom AreaRentResidentsPhoto
101 洋室

You can feel the good old days in this room.

2 windows. 1 tatami size storage.


8sq m -
102 洋室

An antique sliding door and a tasteful large window.

1 window. 1 tatami size storage

7.2sq m -
香港/Hong Kong
201 洋室

A very beautiful corner room surrounded by two windows, which lets pleasant sunshine through. Perfect for those who want to decorate their room on their own. It has 1 size tatami storage space.

8sq m -
202 洋室

The wood in the room creates a warm atmosphere.
1 window. 1 tatami storage.

7.2sq m -
203 洋室

A special room with a bench inside. Useful as a book stand and cute as a decoration

1 window. 0.5 tatami storage.

※First month rent FREE

8.8sq m 50,000 → 42,000yen
204 洋室

Enough storage for various things. Just right width and simple room.

1 window. 1 tatami storage.

11.2sq m -
205 洋室

Wide storage space all over the wall! 

Large window. Spacious Western-style room. 

1 window. 2 tatami storage. with folding bed.

※First month rent FREE

14.4sq m 58,000 → 48,000yen