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Kita Ikebukuro: Traditionally Japanese


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Come on UP Kitaikebukuro

One month of free rent campaign!!

This Come on UP share house embraces the Japanese concept of sum (Wa, harmony). Throughout the house, you can see the principles of Japanese being applied applied to community. For example, the living room space is lined with tatami so that everyone The gothic comfortably and relaxed while watching TV or just chatting with each other. Which afraid with a soft sofa and zabutons who help evoke a comfortable family atmosphere. Enjoy cooking can find it easy to to prepare their favorite dishes together.


Kitaikebukuro. In Kitaikebukuro, the residents are calmer in their demeanor compared to the hustle and bustle of Ikebukuro. But during the festival season, the whole area comes to life in a vivid display of Festive spirit.


There are many people shops that line the street. If you just walk a bit, you will reach the Itabashi station area, this place is also an interesting area which is also worth visiting .


Residents come from various places Like as many as places like as plus a plus closer such as a different prefecture in Japan. With them my own unique experiences and will create new memories while they stay in Japan so there will never be a boring moment at the dinner table.


For those who want to embrace the conference of Japanese and for those who want an at – home atmosphere, we recommend Come on UP Kitaikebukuro to you.


Fully loaded kitchen, cable, flat screen TV, wireless internet, washing machine, extra storage room, bicycle parking area


from nearest station
5 min walk to Kita-Ikebukuro station (Tobu-tojo line), 10 min walk to Itabashi station. (JR Saikyo line), 12 min walk to Shin-Itabashi station (Toei Mita line)
from main station
2 min to Ikebukuro station (or 20 min walk), 9 min to Shinjuku station, 14 min to Shibuya station
surrounding area
3 min walk to shopping street, 3 min walk to community bath house, 5 min walk to convenience store


Room NoRoom TypeSpecial FeaturesRoom AreaRentResidentsPhoto
101 和室


Spacious closet area, enclosed veranda with outer pond / garden view

9.6sq m -
201 洋室

Railings antique, classic style w indows 


5.6sq m -
202 洋室

In-room sink and bar counter, balcony and large sliding glass doors allow for for lots of sunlight


7.2sq m -
203 和室



One month of free rent campaign!!

Spacious closet, enclosed veranda which leads to outer balcony


14.4sq m 72,000→67,000yen
204 和室

Spacious closet, classic Japanese style


9.6sq m -