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The Ogikubo Station is on the Chuo and Marunouchi lines, which is less than 15 minutes west of Shinjuku. Ogikubo, known for its Ramen shops, has some really great shoutengai (shopping streets). The house is located near loads of shops, including a Seiyu, 100 yen shop, and various fresh product shops. And if you are into it, there is even a two-story bouldering gym five minutes away!



There is a huge flat screen TV perfect for watching movies or the cable channels. There is also a huge parking area which is great for summer Time BBQs.


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Fully loaded kitchen with western style oven, cable, super large flat screen TV, wireless internet, washing machine, lots of extra storage space, car parking space, bicycle parking area


from nearest station
Ogikubo (JR Chuo, Marunouchi lines) 15 min by walk
Bicycle parking campaign!: Click here for the details
from main station
Kichijouji (5 min); Shinjuku (10 min); Shibuya (17 min); Ikebukuro (18 min)
surrounding area
1 min walk to convenience store, drug store, post office; 7 min walk to supermarket


Room NoRoom TypeSpecial FeaturesRoom AreaRentResidentsPhoto
101 洋室



One month of free rent campaign!!

4.59 sq m sized room with built-in work area and desk.

We rent this space as a work place. (Not for residential space)

6.4sq m 50,000yen
102 和室

Large closet space


9.6sq m -
103 洋室

Lots of overhead storage cabinets

Dream Cheer Campaign

8.8sq m -
104 洋室

Direct outside access, large sliding glass doors


14.4sq m -
South Africa
201 洋室



One month of free rent campaign!!

By window


7.2sq m 63,000 ⇒ 58,000yen
202 洋室



One month of free rent campaign!!

The charm is Big private balcony.Two windows

9.6sq m 68,000 ⇒ 65,000yen