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Sanno: Modern 3-story house in South-Tokyo



Come on UP Sanno (Omori)

One month of free rent campaign!!


Sanno has been known as an upscale town (Sanno means “Mountain of the King”), the home of many diplomats, governors, and cultures figures since the Meiji period. It is here that we have established a lovely, modern share house.


Using the JR Keihin-Tohoku line one can access popular locations such as Kawasaki in 8 minutes, Tamachi (Keio and Temple Universities) in 9 minutes, Tokyo and Shibuya stations in 15 minutes, and Yokohama in 25 minutes.



The adjoined kitchen is well equipped, sizable counter and Western oven! Every room is a corner room, which which has been converted into artwork. This is where all the residents congregate on a daily basis. Ensures privacy. You are certain to have a fun time living here.


Optional plans        

Futon plan:

Residents are able to rent a futon (Japanese bedding) for 1,000 yen a month during the full length contract.


Furniture plan:  

A furnished room is available for 3,000 yen a month during the full length contract, this includes a futon (Japanese bedding), desk, and chair. And depending on the room, curtains, lamps, and a garbage bin will also be provided.


*an additional charge will be applied if there are any damage or stains on the futon and/or furniture*


Fully loaded kitchen with western style oven, cable, flat screen TV, wireless internet, washing machine, car parking space, bicycle parking area


from nearest station
Omori station (JR Keihin-Tohoku line) 16 min walk; Magome station (Toei-Asakusa line) 13 min walk
Bicycle parking campaign!: Click here for the details
from main station
Shinagawa station (6 min); Shibuya station (15 min); Tokyo station (15 min); Yokohama station (25 min)
surrounding area
1 min walk to supermarket, 3 min walk to convenience store


Room NoRoom TypeSpecial FeaturesRoom AreaRentResidentsPhoto
101 洋室


Huge closet space, direct outside access


13.6sq m 72,000yen
102 洋室

Large closet space

11.2sq m -
201 和室

One month of free rent campaign!!

A classic Japanese room, with balcony access and closet space

9.6sq m 65,000円→60,000円yen
202 洋室

One month of free rent campaign!!

Well lit room with balcony access


6.4sq m 56,000円→55,000円yen
301 洋室

Large ceiling window, spacious closet

7.2sq m -
302 洋室


High ceiling with two skylights. Closet space.


12.8sq m -