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Nishi-Yokohama: Good feeling with sunshine

Nishhiyokohama Living room (2)_small

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Komorebi is a Japanese word which means “sunshine filtering through leaves”. 

The share house is located not far from local shops, such as, Seven Eleven (convenient store), ramen restaurant, and etc. The Nishi-Yokohama station is only 4 min away from the Yokohama station by train. Japan’s one of the largest city , Yokohama is the place to be where you can enjoy beautiful scenery of an urban city.

There are couches that feels like you are on the beautiful grasses. In the beautiful off-day after noon, you can enjoy cooking with your own wishes.

On the top of the house, there is a small loft space, this place must be your hidden space !!!

Or if you have, hang your hammock on the trees in the garden.

The way of have fun is up to you. Why do not you find your own way to enjoy?


Fully loaded kitchen, flat screen TV, wireless internet, washing machine, Jet bath tab, Garden


from nearest station
Sagamihara Line(Soutetsu-sen), Nishiyokohama station, 11 mins away
from main station
3 min to JR Yokohama station, 30 min to JR Shinagawa station, 40 min to JR Shibuya station, 50 min to JR Shinjuku station
surrounding area
4 min away to Convenience store, 11 min to the nearest station, to the market street takes 5 min


Room NoRoom TypeSpecial FeaturesRoom AreaRentResidentsPhoto
101 和室

Totally new tatami room. Spacious storage and paper window 

9.76sq m -
201 洋室

 Has the balcony access, good sunshine room  

9.6sq m -
202 洋室

Has awesome sun shine with two big windows 

9.6sq m -
203 洋室

Has a window 

9.6sq m -
204 和室

Has the balcony assessment, fully new tatami floor, spacious storage, paper windows 

9.92sq m -
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