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Come on UP Kamikitazawa

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The Come on UP Kamikitazawa share house unique in the sense that the share house used to be a student dormitory but was then renovated to become a standalone share house. It is located in the quiet residential area, perfect for those who want peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of city life in Tokyo.


When you enter the entranceway, you are met with a unique ceiling atrium. This is unique in the sense that not many Japanese houses have this design. It is there to help give the place a more open feel, to help contrast life in this house from the small and compactness of general Tokyo life. The floors and window frames are in a rich chestnut-brown color, giving it a warm and comforting feeling. You might think that this share house is a bit dreary from the fact that this used to be a student dormitory, but it is far from that after its renovation. You can feel the warmth and at-home atmosphere that is currently present at this house.


The main point of interest in this house is that this house has a half wall counter in the kitchen. In a city where space is at a premium, something like this is a rare sight. Since the kitchen such a counter, it is perfect to interact with friends that are sitting in the living room when cooking. This place is also perfect for those who like to host parties as it serves as a great in-between for the kitchen and the living room, perfect for those who like to dish out various foods that everyone can easily get at.


Since this place used to be a student dormitory, the rooms are very well proportioned as in there are few to no weird angles in the rooms and the rooms aren’t overly narrow or overly wide in both length and width. The surrounding area has many interesting shops and restaurants for friendly gatherings/outings.


The Come on UP Kamikitazawa house is located in the quieter section of Tokyo and thus, is a great place to get away from the hectic Tokyo life. For those that want a place that contrasts the small and compact lifestyle of Tokyo, for those that want a more open space and a slower pace than central Tokyo, we recommend Come on UP Kamikitazawa to you.


Fully loaded kitchen with western style oven, cable, flat screen TV, wireless internet, washing machine, bicycle parking area


from nearest station
Kamikitazawa station 8 min walk (Keio line)
from main station
Shinjuku station 15 min by train; Shibuya station 20 min by train
surrounding area
Supermarket, convenience store, local shops, chain shops - Yoshinoya, etc.


Room NoRoom TypeSpecial FeaturesRoom AreaRentResidentsPhoto
101 和室

Spacious closet space, large sliding glass door

9.6sq m 59,000yen
102 和室

Big and comfortable tatami room.


12.8sq m -
201 和室

One month of free rent campaign!!

Spacious closet space, balcony access, lots of sunlight

9.6sq m 66,000円→61,000円yen
202 和室

One month of free rent campaign!!

Spacious closet space, balcony access, well-lit


9.6sq m 66,000円→61,000円yen
203 洋室

One month of free rent campaign!!

Spacious closet space; balcony access



9.6sq m 66,000円→61,000円yen
204 和室

Another large room that has large windows and storage space. The tatami gives it a comfortable feel as well. 


9.6sq m -
205 洋室

2 windows and medium storage space in a very bright room.

9.6sq m 68,000yen