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Todoroki: Traditional house in affluent Tokyo



Come on UP Todoroki


Just a 7 minute walk from the Oyamadai and Kuhonbutsu Stations, Todoroki is known as a wonderfully quiet residential area in Setagaya. Access to these lines means You can be able to reach Shibuya in under 20 minutes.



This modern Japanese-style, 9LDK house accommodates up to 9 people in private rooms.

When you enter the house, you can tell why it has been dubbed the “house of inspiration”. The house has an outer garden with great lighting, a central courtyard lit by candles, a living room and kitchen with solid wood flooring, and walls Hand painted by artists. You might even be able to be able to be able to paint you own room if you wish to do so!


Optional plans        

Futon plan:

Residents are able to rent a futon (Japanese bedding) for 1,000 yen a month during the full length contract.


Furniture plan:

A furnished room is available for 3,000 yen a month during the full length contract, this is a futon (Japanese bedding), desk, and chair. And depending on the room, curtains, lamps, and a garbage bin will also be provided.


* an additional charge will be applied If there are any damage or stains on the futon and / or furniture *



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Room NoRoom TypeSpecial FeaturesRoom AreaRentResidentsPhoto
101 洋室

Large window facing the garden that lets in lots of sunlight, garden access


11.2sq m 72,000円 ⇒ 70,000円yen
102 洋室

Garden access, stylish storage drawers and counter

12.48sq m 74,000円 ⇒ 71,000円yen
103 洋室

Compact with a middle garden view


7.2sq m 59,000円 ⇒ 57,000円yen
201 洋室

Contemporary style room with livable loft space.

6.4sq m 66,000円 ⇒ 62,000円yen
202 洋室

Contemporary style room with livable loft space, balcony access


7.36sq m 69,000円 ⇒ 66,000円yen
203 洋室

Outside there is a small balcony where one can bath in the sunlight, touched by quiet breezes. There is also a loft 

7.36sq m 69,000 ⇒ 66,000円yen
204 洋室

High ceiling that makes the room feel even bigger. Comes with a loft and has two windows

6.72sq m -
205 和室

A caling Japanese style room. Comes with storage area

14.4sq m -
206 和室

Compact Japanese style that feels like a tea ceremony room, has a closet and 2 windows

7.2sq m 60,000円 ⇒ 57,000円yen