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Shimokitazawa: Simple and cute



Come on UP L'atelier Shimokitazawa

The Come on UP Shimokitazawa is known for its unique subcultures surrounding music, theater, fashion, food, etc. The streets of Shimokitazawa are lined with vibrant window displays of The Complete UP Shimokitazawa share house tries to reflect the uniqueness of the surrounding area.


The shimokitazawa share house is located in a quiet residential area. The night in the third floor of the house floor of the house has a large windows which let in a considerable amount of natural sunlight. At night, the residents In the attic, there is a screen and a projector so that the resid that can is in the living room, there is a ladder that connects to the attic. Gather and watch movies together in the home theater.


The Come on UP Shimokitazawa share house also has residents from the international community Even amongst the Japanese residents, they have experience overseas so many residents have interesting Stories from around the world.


Currently the residents that live at the Shimokitazawa share house from Ireland. Through their experiences as workers in the IT profession and in the business retail industry, there will never be a boring time when it comes to Conversation topics at the share house.


The Shimokitazawa share house is also close to Shibuya and Shinjuku, making it a very sought after staying that with keeping up with the latest and greatest Tokyo has to offer. For those that want to experience anything but ordinary, we recommend Come on UP Shimokitazawa to you.


Fully loaded kitchen, cable, flat screen TV, screen projector, wireless internet, washing machine, bicycle parking area


from nearest station
5 min walk to Higashi-Kitazawa station, 7 min walk to Shimo-Kitazawa station
from main station
6 min to Shibuya, 9 min to Shinjuku
surrounding area
Shimokitazawa 2 min walk, super market, 2 min walk park, 3 minute walk to downtown Shimokitazawa


Room NoRoom TypeSpecial FeaturesRoom AreaRentResidentsPhoto
101 洋室

Feels like a secret hidden room and has storage space as well as a book shelf. 

6.4sq m -
201 洋室

Will be available after 2/28-

A very spacious room with large storage space and 2 wide windows. Even a person with a large assortment of clothes can store can here. 

10.4sq m 86,000yen
202 洋室

Will be available after 2/20-

A relaxing room with a European feel. 

8sq m 76,000yen
203 洋室

A large round light gives a warm feel to the room. There is also a useful walk-in closet.


5.6sq m -
301 洋室

An eye catching window with an interesting design has been built into the corner. 


6.4sq m -
302 洋室

A cute room that has a sky blue ceiling with a round ceiling light that resembles sun. It also has a porch.

5.6sq m 71,000yen
401 洋室


From the wide porch, residents can view Shinjuku and even the Roppongi Hills Tower.

7.2sq m -